Tran Canula


Pseudoexfoliation (PEX) syndrome in the eyes is characterized by the accumulation of PEX material in the irido-corneal angle and on the trabecular meshwork. These deposits slowly impede the physiological outflow of the aqueous humor and lead to intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation. Goniowash is a new surgical technique using Tran Canula ® for clearing PEX material to lower
IOP postoperatively.

The Tran Canula® is a sterile and single use irrigation cannula used by physician in controlled environment to clear the pseudo-exfoliative particles in the anterior chamber of the eye.
Unlike a conventional single jet irrigation cannula, this new instrument is characterized by two distinct water jets separated from each other by a 30° angle. Thanks to the unique design of the cannula and the laws of micro-hydrodynamics, these two independent fluid streams merge into one, more powerful, since they touch an obstacle.


– Quick and easy to use according to Goniowash technique (<3min).
– Recovered and creation of the normal physiology flow
of aqueous humor.
– Reduces the IOP and hypotensive drug postoperatively.
– Removes the costs of reused instruments.
– No complication according to the study of 190 eyes
(Dr.Tran, Dr.Mansouri, Dr.Mermoud).


Reference : TC- 01
Cannula length : 19 mm
Radius of curvature : 25 mm
Outside diameter : 0.8 mm
Design : Dr. V.T. Tran


In a double sterile blister pack ; single use only.
Packaging : 5 pieces
205 x 57 x 45 mm