Fabrinal focuses its business activities and innovations on medical technology applied to studying the eye ; its developments have been launched and are supervised by ophthalmologists of international renown.

For more than 30 years our company has been in an exceptional industrial and technological environment in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is surrounded by a very high level of expertise from watchmaking and microtechnologies and it benefits from the aura of a town that is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Fabrinal’s leading product is an electrical sensor that looks like and is put in place like a contact lens. This device, the ERG-Jet*, an electrode for human or animal use, detects the electrical signals emitted by the retina as a response to light stimulation.

*ERG: electroretinogram


Expert in scientific, technological and research fields, Fabrinal anticipates and responds to changing needs. Products in development will be presented here.


Tran Canula is a new irrigation system used in a non-invasive surgical washing technique (Goniowash) of pseudoexfoliatifs deposits (PEX) combined with cataract surgery.