The ERG-Jet is a contact lens for performing an electroretinogram, or ERG, provocated by light stimulation of the retina in either humans or animals.
The electrode is made of a gold ring just a few angstroms (10-10 meter) thick, which can be safely placed in contact with the cornea using a viscous conductive liquid.

A computer process generates graphics and numeric formatting of the collected data. The results are presented accurately, legibly and synthetically.

Thus, the doctor has a reliable and accurate tool to assess the chances
of success of an operation or to detect genetic diseases that other methods do not reveal.

The ERG-Jet is also appreciated in the veterinary field thanks to its simplicity and its smaller size compared to some competing products.

Lentille F-06, spécification

Diameter : 12 mm (1/2 ‘’ )
Wire length : 1000 mm ( 39 ‘’ )
Radius of curvature : 7.90 mm
Neutral optical quality
Female connection : DIN 1.50 mm
Design : P. A. Grounauer M.D.


The ERG-Jet lens is sold in a sterile blister pack; single use only.
Distributors Packing : 50 pieces or 12 pieces.