ERG-Thread electrode

The ERG-Thread is a corneal electrode used to record the electroretinogram (ERG), produced by light stimulation of the retina, suitable for human or animal application.*
This electrode is composed of a silver coated
Nylon thread. Placed on the cornea, it allows to record the electrical signals of the retina.

A computer process generates graphics and numeric formatting of the collected data. The results are presented accurately, legibly and synthetically.

Thus, the doctor has a reliable and accurate tool to assess the chances of success of an operation or to detect genetic diseases that other methods do not reveal.

L’ERG-Thread of Fabrinal has the following advantages:

• Validated and safe sterility
• Intergrated lead wire (female connection DIN 1.50 mm)
• Less handling to save time and hygiene.

* Animal use is out of the scope of the medical device according to MDD 93/42.

ERG-ThREAD, ET-01, specification

Pads diameter: 12 mm (temporal), 10mm (nasal)
Thread length: 65 mm
Wire lenght: 1000 mm
Female connection: DIN 1.50 mm


The ERG-Thread electrode is sold in pairs in sterile, single-use pouches.
Boxes: 10 pairs / 20 units.