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Fabrinal focuses its business activities and innovations on medical technology applied to studying the eye ; its developments have been launched and are supervised by ophthalmologists of international renown.

The ERG-Jet is a contact lens for performing an electroretinogram, or ERG, provocated by light stimulation of the retina in either humans or animals.
Pseudoexfoliation (PEX) syndrome in the eyes is characterized by the accumulation of PEX material in the irido-corneal angle and on the trabecular meshwork. These deposits slowly impede the physiological outflow of the aqueous humor and lead to intraocular pressure (IOP) elevation. Goniowash is a new surgical technique using Tran Canula ® for clearing PEX material to lower IOP postoperatively.
The LID-Up is a disposable eyelid retractor suitable for all surgeries requiring the separation of the eyelids as well as intravitreal injections.
Expert in scientific, technological and research fields, Fabrinal anticipates and responds to changing needs.