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Fabrinal focuses its business activities and innovations on medical technology applied to studying the eye ; its developments have been launched and are supervised by ophthalmologists of international renown.

The ERG-Jet is a contact lens electrode intended to be applied on the cornea and to be used for the measurement and recording of electroretinography (ERG) signals, to support the diagnosis of retinal dysfunctions. It can be used to perform either full-field or multifocal ERG assessment.
TranCanula® is a single-use irrigation cannula for washing the anterior chamber of the eye, especially the trabecular meshwork and the irido-corneal angle following cataract surgery. TranCanula® is compatible with the Goniowash washing technique.
ERG-Thread is an electrode intended to be placed on the corneal or conjunctival fornix or scleral area to transmit electrical signals for subsequent measurement and recording of electroretinography (ERG), to support the diagnosis of retinal dysfunctions. It can be used to perform either full-field ERG or multifocal ERG or Pattern ERG assessment.
Expert in scientific, technological and research fields, Fabrinal anticipates and responds to changing needs.


EC-Rep change

Dear Customers, our EC-Rep, Medidee has been acquired by Veranex, leading to the need of changing the EC-Rep legal name and address: Veranex Germany GmbH Landsberger Strasse 302 80687, Munich Germany Our EC-Rep SRN did not change: DE-AR-000005578


Dear customers, This News is to inform you that from 05th of July, all of our devices are MDR compliant and sold under MDR. We updated our product pages with the new DoC: Erg-Jet | Fabrinal Tran Canula | Fabrinal ERG-Thread | Fabrinal And our certification page with our new MDR certificate: certifications | Fabrinal This was a challenging event for Fabrinal and we thank all of our valuable client for their loyalty.  


Dear customers, First of all we hope that you and those around you are doing well despite the current circumstances. This message is to inform you that Fabrinal remains ready to deliver your products to you as usual. We do everything we can to avoid waiting times. With best regards and best wishes for good health. Take care of yourself The Fabrinal team